Our hotel is over two hundred years old and was originally built as the main hall for the leader during the Edo period in Japan. When you enter through the wooden entrance of the stately hotel, you feel like you have entered another era, where time has stood still. The building is still made from the original wood which has deepened in color over time and has become a shiny brown through constant use.

■Rooms: 20 rooms ( 3 rooms with open air bath room ) ■Esthetic room
■Accommodation : maximum 100 people ■Inside hot spring : “Okina no yu” “Chikubu no yu”
■Party room : 70 people ■Open air bath : “Goemonburo”
■Small party room Chuhitsu no ma: 40 people
( used by the Emperor during the Meiji period )
■foot bath
■Another party room “Kura no ma” : 25 people ■Common room with Japanese fireplace
( A place to relax and enjoy Japanese tea and coffee ) : Kutsurogi dokoro
■Small party room “Chikutei” : 20 people ■Parking: spaces for three buses and fifty cars

There are two rooms. One with ten tatami mats and one with six.
The room where meals can be served is the best.
Japanese chess and go tournaments are played in this room.

The room with ten tatami mats is also a special room for guests because it has it's own open air bath.
This is a great room because of the open air bath which gives customers a lot of pleasure.

The bathtub made of Japanese cypress is very relaxing and you will always remember your experience of bathing here.

The hot spring is available for both men and women to bath at separate times.   This hot spring is also available for both men and women. There are separate bathing times.
This is a traditional bath from the Edo period.  

This is a foot bath.

The chef cooks with the best materials and uses the finest techniques so the food looks beautiful and tastes delicious in traditional Japanese style.
You will enjoy seasonal food at it's best and you will feelthat your trip to our hotel has been memorable and fulfilling.
Niigata rice is the most famous in Japan. Our cook uses local fish, vegetables and rice. He cooks with the best water and ingredients and mixes them with his special cooking techniques.
Nodoguro fish :
grilled fish packed in salt
Wagyu steak fillet Blowfish sashimi Thinly sliced squid sashimi


We offer a free shuttle bus service between the hotel and JR Tsubame Sanjo Station. Reservations are required.
Pick up time is 14:27 from the Joetsu Shinkansen. Departure time from the hotel is 10:00 to take the 11:24 Joetsu Shinkansen.


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